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Niche-Blog- Assignments & Projects

 Niche Blog Assignments & Projects

niche blog,You may occasionally be offered to write posts in exchange for pay.

niche blog project

 Basically, you will be asked to cover a particular product or website as a news story or review. This can be a good source of revenue, but it requires significantly more work than standard advertising, and usually won’t pay as much money.PRLBlogNiche

You will have to research the product, website, or company very thoroughly before you write about it. Don’t sacrifice your integrity or your reputation for the sake of money! You need to be certain the company is legitimate and that their offerings are high-quality. You can really ruin your reputation if you recommend something scammy or low-quality.PRLBlogNiche

niche blog

You will also have to spend time writing the post, and they will expect it to be a thorough and in-depth review if they are paying you.niche blogPRLBlogNiche


Just be certain they know you will only write your true opinion, and they will have no say in what you write.(niche blog)

Your reputation will matter a great deal to the success of your blog, so never compromise it for the sake of earning money.

For those who are interested in participating in blog networks that pay you per assignment or project, there are many different opportunities available to even the newest blogger. Here is a break down of the different options available to you:PRLBlogNiche


Pay Per Post – Pay Per Post is one of the larger services available that offer bloggers the opportunity to get paid for blogging about specific subjects. In fact, they are one of the pioneers of ‘paid to blog’ opportunity-based marketplaces.niche blog

Blogitive – This is a super program for start up bloggers as you can earn $5.00 per post regardless of your current traffic, or how new your blog may be. I joined this network immediately after settting up my blog and have experienced great success with it. It’s really a lot of fun!

Loud Launch – This works similarly to Pay Per Post where you can browse and accept opportunities however it’s still growing in size and isn’t nearly as popular as Pay Per Post. Still, It’s a great opportunity for new blogs and bloggers with very few requirements such as the fact that your blog must be at least two months old and you must have the ability to use Paypal to receive your earnings.PRLBlogNiche

Review Me – The Review Me program works differently than the Pay Per Post one because with, potential advertisers will contact you directly offering to pay you to review their website or blog.niche blog

Sponsored Reviews – This site includes aspects of both Pay Per Post and Review Me, in which you can browse and accept offers as well as allow advertisers to contact you directly with project offers.

Blogger Wave – Blogger Wave can pay you up to $10.00 per post and have very few requirements, making this is a great choice for new bloggers.PRLBlogNiche


Smorty – This company will pay you $6.00 + per post with the payments increasing as your blog grows in popularity.

BlogVertise – Blogvertise works very differently from that of Pay Per Post and Review Me in terms of how opportunities are offered and completed. With Blogvertise, their system matches bloggers to available offers, based on the type of content and ranking.

Link Worth – LinkWorth is one of the web’s largest and most innovative marketing portals that caters to both Advertisers and Partners.

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Making Money With PPC Paid Advertising

Very successful blogs can charge a lot of money to advertise on them. Some sites charge several thousand dollars per month for advertising, and they may have several advertisers paying this each month! niche blog

One great thing about charging for advertising is that you don’t have to worry about CTR or sales. You get paid whether the advertiser’s ads get clicked or not, and you get paid even if they never make a penny from those ads.PRLBlogNiche


This can be a very significant source of revenue if you have a lot of traffic, but you will need to provide prospective advertisers a lot of information before they will feel comfortable advertising with you.

If you’re going to offer paid advertising, you will probably want to install Google Analytics on your blog so you can prove how much traffic you get. You may also want to provide statistics about visitor demographics, as well as average CTR for various spots on your site.

To get started, visit ClickBank and click on the Marketplace link. Then, enter in keywords relating to your market in order to generate a page listing products and services that you can promote as a ClickBank affiliate.niche blog

Whenever you view the details of any given offer, you will see stats located under each listing, one of these statistics is called gravity.

The gravity rating in Clickbank is just an estimate of the most recent sales for a particular product. The higher the gravity rating, the more popular the product is among affiliates since it appears that the product is receiving a large number of sales.niche blog

When a product also has a high gravity rating, since sales are factored in, it means that the product is converting. That’s the critical aspect of selecting a product to promote within You always want to ensure that the product you are promoting actually converts.

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