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MAGIX Samplitude Music Studio-2017

magix semplitude music studio

UK, MAGIX AG, One of the leading international providers of software, online services, and digital content, has announced the release of MAGIX Samplitude Music Studio 2017.

Samplitude Music Studio 2017 is the all-in-one solution for creating sophisticated music productions on the PC and is specially designed to meet the needs of ambitious musicians,bands, and producers. Enjoy all the advantages that come from using professional quality studio tools and intuitive workflows! This software features multitrack recording, precise audio editing, sound design, mixing with sound effects, virtual instruments, mastering, and publishing.

From the First Idea to the Finished Song

With Samplitude Music Studio 2017 it’s now even easier to record and develop your song ideas. Directly record vocals and instruments in high definition (up to 24-bit/96 kHz), effortlessly correct vocal pitch, professionally edit and mix your project.

Realistic virtual instruments, impressive studio effects, and intuitive real-time editing with Music Studio’s 100% neutral sound audio engine provide the professional results your music production deserves. Discover amazing software instruments including: high-end synthesizer DN-e1, Power Guitar, Vintage Organ, Pop Brass, Electric Piano, Vita 2 Sample Player, BeatBox 2 Plus. Power Guitar is offered as a free download after program installation.

Professional Studio Tools for Solo and Multitrack Recording

The new integrated MR-128 combines the trusted handling of a multitrack recorder with all the advantages of a personal computer system. With the capability of recording on up to 128 tracks simultaneously, it’s perfect for even the most complex studio projects.

The 64-bit support in Samplitude Music Studio 2017 ensures that your PC is using its full RAM potential. In addition, multi-core support guarantees maximum use of the CPU resources in your system.

With the addition of Vocal Tune which is based on revolutionary Samplitude ProAudio Technology, the program now has a powerful tool for editing pitch. Enjoy all the advantages that come from using professional quality studio tools and intuitive workflows.

New Features:


  • Vocal Tune: Convenient pitch correction for all vocal recordings
  • Auto Mastering: Fully automatic final touchesfor perfect sounding results
  • Power Guitar: Powerful and energetic guitar riffs
  • Vintage Organ: Awesome retro organ sounds
  • Pop Brass: Crystal clear horns
  • Electric Piano: Charming electronic keys
  • DN-e1: The spectacular high-end synthesizer
  • MR-128: Powerful multitrack recorder for 128 tracks
  • Vintage Effects Suite +: Additional inspiring studio effects
  • 64-bit & Multi-core Support: For optimum system performance
  • Touch Optimization: Convenient control with the touch of a finger


Price & Availability:

MAGIX Samplitude Music Studio 2017 is available now for £70 inc VAT from Amazon

About MAGIX:

MAGIX is a leading international provider of high-quality software, online services and digital contents for multimedia communications. Since 1993, MAGIX has been developing leading technologies for creation, editing, management and presentation of photos and graphics, videos and music. Internationally, MAGIX operates from branches in the USA, Canada, the UK, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. The product range is targeted towards laymen and professionals alike and goes beyond the PC range to include seamlessly integrated online and mobile applications.

According to its retail sales figures, MAGIX leads in the multimedia software sector in Germany and the most important European markets, and is one of the most successful competitors in the USA. Fifteen years of market presence as well as one thousand awards worldwide testify to the company’s power of innovation.

For further information, review copies, or additional images please contact:

UK: Kathryn Lamb, KL Associates

Tel: 01327 844880

Fax: 01327 843308

Getting Started With Digital Audio

The second scenario is a recording-centric studio. This purpose of this type of studio would be to record and mix music, where mixing refers to setting the levels of different sounds or instruments so that everything is at the desired volume. One example of a typical user of this setup would be an engineer recording music for bands or vocalists; another would be a band trying to record a demo. Some good programs for this type of work are Sony Vegas, Adobe Audition, Magix Samplitude, Apple Logic, Steinberg Cubase, or Digidesign Pro Tools. Unlike other programs, which will work with almost any audio interface and soundcards, Pro Tools is only for use with a few approved products. Still, it is the de facto audio studio standard for many professional situations.

For the recording enthusiast, I would recommend the Digi 002 Rack made by Digidesign . The $1,200 price tag makes this quite an investment, but since it comes with a bundled version of ProTools LE, lots of high quality bundled plugins, an adapted version of Propellerhead Reason, and lots more, it is an excellent all-in-one solution. Besides the excellent value of the included software, the Digi 002 Rack is an amazing audio interface. The power to simultaneously record 16 audio tracks through Firewire at 96 kHz makes it ideal for a band recording their own demos. The hardware alone is worth the price, and all the included software makes it an exceptional investment.

If you cannot afford that much, don’t despair! There are plenty of more affordable solutions. For a more reasonable entry level option, around $300, I recommend this package offered by Lexicon . The included audio interface is called the Omega. This powerful little box allows you to record 24-bit audio at 48 kHz for 4 tracks of audio, and also has two microphone inputs. The bundled software is Steinberg Cubase LE, and Lexicon’s Pantheon reverb plugin. Although Cubase isn’t as widely used as Pro Tools, it is more than you need to get the job done, and comes with plenty of built in effects and plugins.