The Ten Secrets About Facebook Marketing Mania : Discover How To Market To A 500 Million Strong, Highly Targeted Traffic Source And


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Before there was Facebook, there were other online
social networking sites such Friendster, MySpace and
Hi5™. Social networking sites were the next hot thing in
the web 2.0 era, where not only could people pour out
tons of user generated content with ease, they could
share it with their “friends” or online social contacts.
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As the number of users increased and the growth of
Facebook boomed, so did the number of applications for
Facebook. You could install apps, play games, chat and
even share and upload photos to Facebook.basic facebook
The business minded people began to see the potential in
Facebook. They began looking into ways one can monetize
or grow one’s business through the Facebook platform.
Now, with over 500 million users, Facebook’s potential
for businesses to grow cannot be ignored. With the recent
introduction of Facebook Advertising and Facebook pages,
businesses can list their own official fan pages on
Facebook to connect with their customers and grow their
In the next section, you’ll look into the power of
Facebook Marketing!
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Chapter 2: Chapter 2: Chapter 2:
Basics Of Facebook Marketing
Synopsis Synopsis
Facebook marketing is literally means using Facebook to
market your business, build traffic or grow your leads.
It is a branch of Social Media Marketing, where marketers
tap into a multitude of social media platforms such as
social networking sites, video sharing sites or
micro-blogging platforms to grow their business.
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The Basics
As mentioned earlier, Facebook has a useful feature
called Fan Pages where any business can list their
business on one of these pages, add fans and provide
content to them.
Once you have created a huge following, you can use your
fan page to connect with your customers and prospects
through a wide variety of functions such as posting on
your “wall”, asking them questions or posting up videos,
photos and content of interest to your niche.